Internet Banking Information

New users

Registering for Internet and Phone Banking is easy - simply phone 1300 651 839 between 8.00am and 8.00pm (EST) weekdays and 10.00am to 4.00pm (EST) on weekends.

To ensure security of the registration service, you will be asked for certain authenticity information before being given your Access ID.

For Internet Banking we will provide you with an Access ID and temporary Personal Identification Number (PIN). This Access ID and temporary PIN will allow you to access your account information via Internet Banking.

For Phone Banking, you will use the same Access ID as Internet Banking but you will be provided with a different temporary PIN.

Phone Banking

To access our Phone Banking call 1300 651 839.

After you have registered for Internet and Phone Banking you can use your touch tone phone or mobile (analogue, digital or CDMA) phone to access the Phone Banking service by calling 1300 651 839.

Internet Banking

Since the launch of our Internet Banking service, customers have enjoyed the convenience of banking at any time and place that suits them - from any internet connected computer in the world. [TOP]

Quick link to order or activate a token

We have made it easier to navigate to the Security Token order and activation screens.

On the 'Account Balances' screen, near the 'Print' and 'Help' hyperlinks, a new hyperlink will appear which will direct you to either the 'Token Order' or 'Token Activation' screens in a single click.

If the hyperlink is not appearing on your 'Account Balances' screen, simply call Internet and Phone Banking Support on 1300 651 839.

Shared payees

For your convenience you can share your Payees with other common signatories on your accounts who have access to Internet Banking.

For New Payees you have the option to select if you want to share the Payee as you create it. You select this option by simply checking the corresponding radio button and then identifying the common signatories with whom you want to share the Payee.

For Existing Payees you can choose the 'Modify' option to update the Payee information to allow it to be shared with other common signatories.

Improved Account History printing

Sick of wasting paper when printing your Account History information?

Our 'Account History' printing ensures that if you have multiple pages of transactions displayed and you want to print the information using the printer friendly link, all pages will be automatically included in the print selection.


For your convenience you can view, print or save electronic statements and opt-in or out of receiving paper statements.

Flexible Account History time frames

We offer a range of options if you need to check your Account History including:

  • All days in this month;
  • All days last month;
  • All available history.

After selecting the Print link you also have the opportunity to sort the transactions by Most Recent First, or Oldest First. For your convenience this choice will be remembered for that account in the future.

Quicker BPAY® payments

As many BPAY® Billers issue accounts with a fixed Customer Reference Number (CRN) or account number, we have an option that will allow you to make your payments even quicker.

Next time you go to make a payment to a BPAY® Biller with a Fixed CRN, you will have the option to 'Skip' the Verification screen from then on, thus reducing the number of screens you need to go through to complete each payment to that Payee.

For those Payees where you have selected to skip the Verification screen, it will still be possible to return to the Verification screen at any time by selecting the Modify button on the Approval screen.

Request to cancel a cheque

For your convenience we have an option which allows you to Request to Cancel a Cheque online.

Select 'Customer Services' and then 'Request to Cancel a Cheque' and enter all required information.

This request will not cancel the cheque immediately because we must confirm that all the details provided are correct and the cheque has not already been presented.

Instant account history

From the 'Account Balances' screen, simply click on the account name for an instant 14-day history. 'Account History' also has new, rapid one or two-day options.

Available funds at a glance

All account drop-down lists show how much in available funds you have in each account. No more returning to the 'Account Balance' screen each time.

Transaction Download

We've simplified the Transaction Download function to use fewer screens.

Make a payment

  • Add new payees directly from the 'Make Payment' screen. Choose whether to add them permanently to your Payee List.
  • Re-use deleted BPAY® payees in the same manner as Pay Anyone Payees.
  • For your convenience, the deadline for Pay Anyone transactions is 3.30pm.

Weekly and fortnightly payment/ transfers

We offer convenient payment services:

  • Schedule Transfers, BPAY® and Pay Anyone transactions to recur weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Set regular payments to end after a Specific Date or Number of Payments.
  • Schedule one-off transactions for up to 12 months in advance.

Detailed receipt printing

Receipts are easy to print and contain information to help you reconcile your statements.

Bulk payments

Upload a file of Direct Credits (in ABA format). One withdrawal transaction will cover the total value of the file (regardless of the number of items in the file). Processing will be authenticated by a Token (supplied to the Customer by the Bank) as an additional security measure due to the very high limits that this service will support. It is anticipated that while this facility will primarily be used by Customers to process payrolls, it will also be utilised to distribute general payments to creditors.

Note: this service is only available to customers with a Seasonal or Term Loan.

Data feeds and accounting packages

Rural Bank supports daily feeds of your transaction data to accounting packages. This information enables reconciliation of transactions from within your accounting software.

Once set up, your transaction data is sent daily to your accounting package.


Streamline your everyday account transactions through this innovative cloud-based accounting software.

To activate this service:

  • Download the application form from Xero click here
  • Sign and email it to Xero.
  • Your feeds will start in 10 working days.

Internet Banking security tokens

For information about security tokens, please refer to the security tokens section in the Frequently Asked Questions. [TOP]

More internet security information

For further details on internet security and how we proctect you view our security information page. [TOP]


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